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My goal is to make a fun 2D game based loosely on the 1979 Asteroids game, but with a bit of a Space-Ark twist. Further details might give away too much, but this is what I have so far:

Recent Work


At this point, my Working Title for this game is changing between "Orbots" and "Orbitals".


Colorful Ships: I tried to make each of the ships look different in shape and design, so it's easy to tell at a glance which is which


Random doodle became inspiration for the "Blanks"

White Cells art work

To easily contrast with the dark background and the colorful ship options, I decided white to be the contrasting/void enemy: vivid colorful ships fighting agains the void.

Lagging Tail

Small bug that was interesting: as in Asteroids, when the ship leaves the screen, it jumps to the opposite side. I added a trail effect, and this showed that unintentionally.


Little Clip of the different ships moving around: this isn't a working version at all, but it looks cool

Animation spritemap

Just a working sprite map for the different aspects


Early drawings for captain portraits

Early Work


These are the different Orbots that the player will either choose for themselves or battle against in an arena.


These are the orbs that are the heart and mind of each Orbot. Once the Orbot takes too much damage, the orbs are exposed. When the orbs themselves take too much damage, they get destroyed. The little gray dots are like an eye.


Once you defeat another Orbot, you can grab their orb and combine looks, strength and skills.

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