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Luc Demoulin


Student of of HTML, JavaScript, XCode, C++

Vast understanding of character design, world building and storytelling elements

Dabbling in Unreal Engine and Unity



Hello! Game Designer, Luc Demoulin here! Welcome to my About page!

My goal in my career is to become a professional game narrative designer: crafting the world and lore in the game.

I finished my time at Cascadia Community College, graduating with Faculty Honors, and getting the credits for my Associate in Integrated Studies degree: and proudly graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a Bachelors's in Interactive Media Design.


My current goal is to get a position in a video game company, using my degree in Interactive Media Design, and showcasing my projects I am proud of.

Some trivia about me: I'm tall, enjoy reading, video games, doodling, chess, D&D, YouTube, card games, and foosball.

This Website


This is my design portfolio, something I've put more time into collectively than almost any of the projects featured within. The irony is rich. Check out the past projects gallery to see my completed projects, or more about this site's predecessor, which I show the development of my never-ending design project. 

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