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This is was the final game for the school quarter and a reflection on what we learned using Unity as a game engine.

The team consists of Giovanni C Iriarte-Young as UX Designer, Chance Crum as Artistic Lead and Website Developer, and me as the Animation Engineer, General Game Designer, and General Game Developer.

The website we made for this game is here:

Try the Game!


Working on making proper credits in-game, where credits belong, but for now:

Unity Assets (Newest Downloaded to Oldest Downloaded)

Our Development Log:



I've included the early development stages below on this page, but check out our game's full development report website:

Game as Is:


Some Pictures from the Game itself:  

Just a Peek at the 2nd Level

And a Peek at the 3rd Level

Game in Development:


The following is a clip of our first movement animations/mechanics for (the game formerly known as) "game 3211". 

3211 TimeBunny Video 12May2019
Play Video


Here is a pdf copy of the Jump.cs C# script (12May2019) that I made for the rabbit, for those curious about the code shown in this video.

Developing the Game: Phase 0

Paper prototype plus computer

May 5th: Brainstorming the Paper Prototype: click here for our group's statement about this

3211 Early Dev. Ortho1 pic

Early Development while testing.

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