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My Planet


Going to 2017 GE^2 (link to GE^2 here), I got to use the Vive VR console (link to Vive here) and try out a few things on the app, TiltBrush (link to TiltBrush here).I found a small orb that could be used as a starting point/canvas, and I made the first version of MyPlanet. This was one of my first times in Tilt Brush VR, and I fell in love with the ability to create in 3D space using brushes unattainable in the real world. Later, I made the second version in a few more sessions of TiltBrush, the third version using my laptop's 3D editor, and printed out the fourth version using a 3D printer.


What I've Done


My Planet, Version 1. I started with a small orb, and focused on the idea of a small inhabited planet.


V1. The amazing variety of 'paint' tools. (click here for the video)


My Planet V1. It has neon lights!


V1. It was amazing to paint in all three dimensions.


This was made in 3D space, as demonstrated by the moving camera (A Vive headset). (Click here for the link)


Before leaving, I was able to replicate My Planet for a second time. This was Version 2. Although the video is in far lower quality, click the link for the video. *warning, sound*


Version 3 was made on my computer's 3D designer, a functional platform, but it worked when trying to make a decent Version 3 based on memory.


Close up on the texture, which makes me sad when remembering versions 1 and 2's amazing level of realism replaced by simplistic feel.


I tried my best to make this version based on the past versions, but it failed to compare in my mind.


Version 4 is my first design that was printed out in 3D, and was designed in the same program as V3, but was actually printable

Version 5 is a pixel art take of Version 1: the green gray and red spires, the neon trails, and the light trails.

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